• bull bull et merde j aime pas ça

    it’s been 5 years and a 177% performance for the S&P500. The Dow Jones is up 150% over the same period. And at the same time the US debt only grew by 90%, from $9 trillion to $17.4 trillion…as they say you can’t win them all…


    So it’s been 5 years we’ve been going up. We went over the Greek, Cyprus and European crises, the election of François Hollande and much more recently the Wargames between Russian and the West in Ukraine, but nothing could stop this market. Almost every day we see charts and graphs and articles saying valuations aren’t that high, and the other days we’re told the PE ratios of US companies are close to those right before the 2007 or 2000 crashes. But through it all we still see the glass half full and we go celebrate by buying more stocks.

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